Transforming Girls

Into Leaders of Tomorrow's India

Why We Work With Girls

It is soul wrenching to observe the statistics of violence inflicted upon the girls around the globe. Trafficking, physical and sexual abuse, child labor, forced surrogacy are some of the common forms of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and tribal girls in the age group of 7-16 are most vulnerable. They and their parents are oblivious to the dangers of the world outside their villages. According to some reports, every 8 minutes a girl is trafficked in India and almost 80% of the trafficked girls are tribals. Tribal girls are constantly and silently battling extreme challenges like Naxal atrocities, land mafias, dilapidated healthcare and sanitation and even their own parents who sell young girls in order to feed rest of the family members. Aahan Foundation believes that empowering tribal girls and women through their financial independence, entrepreneurial skills, life-skills, education etc. will have a multiplier effect on the entire tribal community and thus serves as a potent tool to reduce trafficking. 

How Do We Work In Tribal Areas

Aahan Foundation works in the tribal areas of India and empowers the tribal girls to bring about a behavioural shift in the mindset of people towards the girls' issues. Working in such areas is challenging given the barriers of language, armed militancy, geographical isolation, lack of basic amenities and most importantly the trust deficit. Hence, Aahan works with S.M.A.R.T community to holistically deal with the issues of tribal girls and women. It stands for:


S: Sarpanch; members of the local self-government.

M: Media, Journalists and Stringers

A: Authority; BDO, Police etc

R: Religious Leaders; influential people respected by tribals

T: Tribal Families

What Are Our Thrust Areas

Aahan Foundation's primary target group constitutes at-risk tribal girls in the age group of 8-20 and tribal women in the age group of 30-55. Over the past 6 years of our working in the tribal areas of Jharkhand we have identified a multi-pronged approach towards degrading and destroying the machinery of trafficking. The 5 thrust areas of this approach includes helping at-risk tribal girls and women by:

1) Imparting life skills

2) Mentoring and coaching

3) Providing Vocational / Entrepreneurial skills

4) Creating engagements using arts, performing arts and sports.

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National Anti-Trafficking Helpline Number - 10582
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